Folklore and Fern Mystery School Summer Session

taught by Lark Fox

Course description

Summer is a time for spending more time outside, getting reacquainted with our skin and feeling our own inner quickening.

It is time to play, frolic, learn, investigate, adventure, open, dream, experiment, lounge, listen and invite new ways of being into our world. 

We begin our adventure at Beltane, with the wild winds of spring ushering us into the bright days of early summer, we travel into nature divination and the mysterious lands of dreams and oracles, we continue our travels through mid summer magic and some ways to do healing on ourselves and others. Finally, we conclude the season with some essential herbal first aid and a summer break for integration, catch up and play!

Lark Fox
Lark Fox

Lark Fox is a priestess, an herbalist, a Seer, intuitive healer and ceremonialist.

She has spent over a decade studying plant medicine, folk and clinical herbalism, Maya healing, shamanism,aromatherapy and yoga.

For the past 20 years she has been a devotee and practitioner in ceremonial arts, intuitive and psychic arts, animal communication, goddess culture and spirituality, and priestess arts.

She believes earth centered magic and connection to nature are an essential part of our health.

Course Curriculum

An Early Summer Love Spell
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Working with Plants: Magic, Intuition, Awareness
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Ancient Sacred Ones Meditation
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Congratulations! You have completed Folklore and Fern's Summer Mystery School
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