Magic, Ritual and Herbal Wisdom for the Summer Season | taught by Lark Fox

Course description

Since ancient times the sun has been celebrated for its life giving and regenerative properties. On the wheel of the year, every celebration, at its heart, has the sun as the focus. Whether the sun’s light is waxing, or gaining strength to its pinnacle at midsummer (solstice) or waning as we head toward the autumn equinox and beyond to the winter solstice, we depend, mortally, on its light-giving rays.

People from the dawn of time have understood the importance of the Sun to our survival.

I invite you to discover the gifts the sun has for you personally.


We will begin with a simple practice to increase our connection to nature, one that begins to get our bodies more in tune with the rhythms of natural cycles.

Next, we will take a meditative journey to "wake up" our remembering of the healer within that will set the tone for our journey with the plants.

Next, we will practice some ways of increasing our intuition and specifically, how to begin 'listening' to the plants and trusting our innate connection to them.

Then, we will explore four summer herbs that have been used throughout time for magic and healing. We will discover their healing, folkloric and magical uses. We will use the plants as a backdrop or catalyst for our own growth.

Finally, we will dive into the juicy realm of simple ritual to increase our connection, knowledge, intuition and skills. These skills are important to cultivate and provide a framework in which to practice getting to know ourselves and the natural world.

Lark Fox
Lark Fox

Lark Fox is a priestess, an herbalist, a Seer, intuitive healer and ceremonialist.

She has spent over a decade studying plant medicine, folk and clinical herbalism, Maya healing, shamanism,aromatherapy and yoga.

For the past 20 years she has been a devotee and practitioner in ceremonial arts, intuitive and psychic arts, animal communication, goddess culture and spirituality, and priestess arts.

She believes earth centered magic and connection to nature are an essential part of our health.

Lark Fox